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Surrogate Parents

A surrogate parent is a person who acts in place of the parent to make educational decisions on behalf of a child with a disability in all matters relating to the identification, evaluation and educational placement of the child and the provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE) to the child.

 NEW and IMPROVED Surrogate Parent Training is now ONLINE!

Visit for the latest Surrogate Parent Training & Information

If you are interested in becoming certified as a Surrogate Parent for a student in Ohio, you must create an account and login to begin the course. You will then complete each module in sequence. If you are a current surrogate parent, the deadline to complete the new training is  August 2, 2022. 

Each module will include:

  • Video presentation explaining key concepts and resources
  • Method of applying the information learned
  • Content and resources from external sources
  • Reflection opportunities
  • Quiz to assess learning and knowledge of content

Questions about training content should be submitted via email to: [email protected]

For questions about surrogate parents in Region 10, please contact Kelli Cook by email or phone (937) 236-9965 x2131 or view the latest information from the Ohio Department of Education & Workforce - Serving as a Surrogate Parent