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SST 10 Staff

You can contact any of our staff members by calling (937) 236-9965 or click on a staff name to send an email.


Betsy Apolito

Communications & Data Strategist

Jennifer Beam

Administrative Secretary/Office Manager

Kelli Cook


Marilyn Brigati - School Improvement

Rebecca Brinkman-Clayman - Preschool Special Education

Megan Fagan - Community Schools, School Improvement

Melanie Horvath - Special Education, School Improvement

Kari Hunter - Special Education, Post-Secondary Transition

Laura Jones - Regional Literacy Specialist

Mary Jane Karns - PBIS (TIer III)

Heather Kulin - PBIS, School Improvement

Melissa Marsh - Family Engagement, School Improvement

Delores Pugh - Early Learning, School Improvement

Susan Seelig - School Improvement, UDL

Laura Sheets - PBIS

Melissa Solazzo - Career Technical Education

Marcia Watts - Special Education

Pamela Young-Groach - Urban Literacy Specialist