Step Up to Quality

Last Updated: 7/20/2021 6:49 PM

five stars representing the step up program

As outlined in House Bill 59, all Early Childhood Education (ECE) entitlement and Preschool Special Education (PSE) programs funded by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) will be monitored through Ohio’s tiered quality rating and improvement system called Step Up To Quality (SUTQ). In addition to ECE and PSE programs, ODE licensed programs that receive subsidy funds will be required to participate in SUTQ by July 1, 2020. Programs that receive state funding through ODE are mandated to participate in SUTQ and are required to achieve a rating of 3, 4, or 5 to maintain state funding.

To review the Step up to Quality Guidance Document/Rules, click here

Updated Timeline for SUTQ Required Online Courses

SUTQ Professional Development

New! LPDC pre-approval for SUTQ and directions for submitting to the Ohio Professional Registry. 

SUTQ Professional Development Guidance Document