Horn-Walter Awards

Last Updated: 5/3/2021 5:56 PM

The annual Horn-Walter Outstanding Achievement Awards luncheon sponsored by the Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities is an opportunity to honor an outstanding educator and student from each of the 16 State Support Team Regions in Ohio. One educator and one student nominee from each region will be invited to receive an award, which will be presented to them in the Spring.  Instructions and nomination forms are below.

R.A.Horn headshotThe R. A. Horn award is presented to one exemplary special education student from each of Ohio’s 16 State Support Team regions. Established by the Ohio Department of Education in honor of the late Dr. Raymond A. Horn, Assistant Superintendent of Public Instruction, this award recognizes students’ outstanding achievements. Acknowledged as a national leader in the field of special education, Dr. Horn devoted more than 60 years of service to improving the quality of life and learning for students with disabilities. 




Franklin B Walter HeadshotThe Franklin B. Walter award is given to an outstanding educator or team from each of the 16 State Support Teams in Ohio. Awarded to recipients who have made extraordinary contributions to the education of students with disabilities, this award is given in honor of the late Franklin B Walter, Superintendent of Public Instruction from 1977 until 1991, a post held longer than any other state superintendent in Ohio’s history. With over 50 years of service as a teacher and administrator, Dr. Walter’s leadership is evident in many of Ohio’s quality educational initiatives and programs, including the development of the nation’s first statewide plan for children with disabilities.




2021 Region 10 Horn-Walter Award Recipients

The 2021 Franklin B Walter Outstanding Educator Award Recipient from the SST Region 10 area is:

The Intensive Needs Recycle Team - Morton Middle School

morton middle school recycle team

Nominated by Margee Zimpher, Supervisor of Student Services for Vandalia-Butler City Schools, the Intensive Needs Recycle Team is comprised of Intervention Specialist, Katy Boston, and educational aids Richard Motter, Cecilia Barefoot, and Ashley Campbell. This team goes above and beyond to find innovative ways to create safe, supportive, and inclusive environments for their students and together, they are helping students make a positive impact on the environment for everyone!

The team was nominated for their efforts in providing positive social-emotional, vocational, behavioral and educational experiences to all students. Beyond the individualized academic and behavioral supports they provide, this team has found a way to help their students connect with their peers and their community. In addition to their impressive school-wide recycle efforts, which provides students the opportunity to make a positive impact while practicing job skills, the team has found many other creative ways to create educational & vocational experiences that help students build life skills. (Watch a video as members present to their local board of education!)

We congratulate The Intensive Needs Recycle Team at Morton Middle School and applaud their outstanding efforts in special education!


The 2021 R.A. Horn Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient from the SST Region 10 area is:

Gary Tyler Fugate
Northridge Local Schools

Teacher & studentTyler is being awarded the 2021 R.A. Horn Outstanding Achievement Award for his academic efforts in improvement of his reading fluency skills. Despite the many student challenges that have come with the pandemic, Tyler has shown great courage and determination in reaching his goals this school year. Nominated by Dyslexia Intervention Specialist Karen Cigrang, Tyler has been working with Karen one-on-one both virtually and in-person for 25 weeks throughout the school year. Karen says not only was Tyler always on time, he often asked to work overtime too. Tyler's hard work has paid off and through his dedication and determination, he has increased his spelling accuracy from 40% to 100% and improved his reading skills by three grade levels.

Tyler has shown his teachers, staff, and other students that despite challenges we may face, there are always opportunities for success when you're willing to do the work!

Congratulations Tyler!