Regional Literacy Newsletter

Last Updated: 5/16/2022 1:53 PM

This series of monthly newsletters covers evidence-based practices and topics in literacy aligned with the science of reading. Each issue includes relevant updates from Ohio's state-level literacy work, including the new dyslexia legislation. To receive new issues and Literacy Announcements directly in your inbox, please subscribe to "Literacy" notifications.

Read the current issue, focusing on Sight Words below.

Regional Literacy Newsletter sight words by Laura Jones

Previous Issues

SST 10's Regional Literacy Newsletters are archived below:

April 2022 - Dyslexia

March 2022 - Language Comprehension

February 2022 - Word Recognition

January 2022 - Adolescent Literacy

December 2021 - Early Childhood Literacy

November 2021 - Orthographic Processing

October 2021 - The Science of Reading