Surrogate Parents

A surrogate parent is a person who acts in place of the parent to make educational decisions on behalf of a child with a disability in all matters relating to the identification, evaluation and educational placement of the child and the provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE) to the child.

Surrogate Parent Training is now ONLINE!
Surrogate Parent Online Training

The purpose of this course is to offer an accessible training option for those interested in representing students with disabilities as a surrogate parent.  This course can be accessed in two ways.  

If you are interested in becoming certified as a Surrogate Parent for students in Ohio
, you must create an account or login and select "Take the Course".  You will then complete the course registration form and begin the course.  You will complete each module in sequence.  To move from one module to the next, you must successfully answer the questions at the end of the module.  You will be able to review the module and complete the questions again if you do not answer them correctly the first time.  Upon completion of the last module and the final questions, you will have successfully completed the course.  You will receive a Surrogate Parent Certificate by mail.  

If you are not interested in becoming a Surrogate Parent
, but you want to review information about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and the Individual Education Program process, you may access the course modules in any order.  You must still create an account or login and select "Browse the Modules".

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